Digital Drum Set

DM-03 Roll Up Drum Set

DM-03 Roll Up Drum SetItem No.: DM-03-Best toy drum for young Children.-Light, Fashion, Simple design which is easy to carry-Built-in drum trigger, most honest and most shocker tum-Standard drumhead s

DM-03 Roll Up Drum Set

Item No.: DM-03
-Best toy drum for young Children.
-Light, Fashion, Simple design which is easy to carry
-Built-in drum trigger, most honest and most shocker tum
-Standard drumhead settings, pedal expansion interface
  • Built-in multiple sets of high-quality drum sound sources, delivering the most realistic and impactful drum sounds.

  • Standard drumhead configuration, pedal expansion interface, providing you with an authentic drum kit experience.

  • Comes with professional demo songs for convenient learning and appreciation.

  • Includes accompaniments with adjustable speed, serving as your best learning and practice companion.

  • Built-in recording function, allowing you to capture your musical inspiration anytime, anywhere.

  • Equipped with built-in speakers, featuring a sleek and elegant design, making it the best equipment for children's music enlightenment and intellectual development.

  • Audio input/output interface, enabling you to select music and songs to create your own tunes.

  • Powered by USB/DC5V, offering versatile power options.

    Product model:          
      DM-03 Roll up drum set
    Drum pads:                 Ride Cymbal, Hi-Hat, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Hi Tom, Low Tom
    Pedals:                       Left Foot for Ride Cymbal, Right Foot for Bass DrumSounds:                        4 Demo songs, 7 Drum sets
    Material:                     Silicone
    Color:                         Black/White
    Power Supply:             DC5V/ 4*AAA battery
    Suitable age:               All ages
    Weight:                       1.1kg
    Product size:               34.5*19.5*6.5cm
    Package size:              47.2*32*4.8cm
    Pcs per carton:            18 pcs in one carton
    Carton Dimensions:      59.5*35.5*40cm